Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Wrapped Up!

This year I decided to wrap our presents differently.
I loathe that cheap wrapping paper that tears as soon as you go near it with tape & I didn't fancy spending a fortune on the quality paper when it just gets launched in the recycling.
So I'm delighted that this year I haven't spent a penny, it's amazing what you find you already have to hand when you look isn't it!

The brown wrapping paper I've had for years! Yay, saving number one! To decorate I used strips of Music manuscript given to me by a friend (thanks Barbara!) Then the tissue paper & ribbons on top were salvaged from old gifts, chocolate boxes, cracker decs, bag handles etc. (Yep I'm a hoarder!)

The tags I made at work last week, simple stamping & die cutting.

I love the effect though and don't be surprised if I snag the ribbons back after the recipient has opened their gifts on the day!

Have you made any tags this year? I'd love to see them ;)


  1. love your idea, and I am a proud recipient of one such wrapped parcel.. gorgeous.. might even pinch the idea. Thank you Kate

  2. wow amazing that you have wrapped your presents already, double amazing that you have already bought the presents, LOL x

  3. They look brilliant (can you pop round and do mine please!!?) I am so impressed with how organised and early you are wrapping gifts, I still need to buy most of mine! xx

  4. Fabulous! Looks great :) I'll try to find time today to photograph the few tags I managed in the end x


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