Monday, 27 April 2009

Getting there!

Popped to the Supermarket this morning for the important stuff - cakes for the weekend. DH also promises to get some yummy cupcakes & bucks fizz from work - wooo hooo!

Helen, Jan & Georgie kindly had a play with some stash today for some last minute decor, so the workshop area has been tested for light & comfort - thanks a million girls!
We've a cute shelf cupboard thingy in reception & are filling it with gorgeousness (thanks Jane for the loan of a few bits) Wait 'till you see the bunting!

DH has been a star with a drill & nails, not his favourite pastime admittedly, but I couldn't have managed without him and I've enjoyed his company, managing to make me laugh & keep spirits up - ahhhhhhhh!

More updates tomorrow and photos, if I ever think to take my camera out of its bag - duh!

Thursday, 23 April 2009


After a few infuriating days full of incompetant companies doing a great job of letting me down, I was cheered instantly with a delivery of lushness!
Shiny new paperacks & a vast quantity of Que Sera Sera from those wonderful K & Co bods.
Peace is restored, well for a little while anyway!!!
Had a play with converting a plain white roller blind into a pretty white roller blind yesterday, will take a pic later. Note to self - take more pics!
Off to Ikea & Costco again this morning for last minute fittings with Jane. I've converted a DVD rack into a ribbon display & need more curtain poles - don't ask!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Action Packed Days

With a trip to Ikea, we're now surrounded by alun keys. The furniture is wonderful, but I've decided I need more - yikes! The Crafteire stock arrived late last night form Ireland, thanks to Jan & Jane for waiting with me :)

Spent the day cleaning bugglies out of light shades - Thanks Jan ;) Scraping paint from places where paint shouldn't be, adding paint to where it should be, making decorations and drinking lots of tea & coffee. Kieran spent the day with Georgie & her friends, he's getting really attached & his bottom lip makes an appearance at the end of each day - awwww!

The field in front of us is being cultivated this weekend & then grassed over. The landlord is going to set aside an area for us all to chill out with picnics. Yay!!! - Bring on the Summer, day crops are going to be Brilliant :)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's all go!

In my hands, I have a sparkly new set of keys...

...they are keys to a dream and I can hardly contain my excitement!

In early May (date tbc), Pickleberry Papercrafts will open its doors to all papercrafters, photographers, doodlers, paper strokers & like minded enthusiasts.

Workshops will run throughout the week, morning and evenings.
Day crops & evening crops abound, we just can't wait!

There is a mini site available to peek at
Over the next 8-10 weeks a super duper version is being designed and styled by the very clever folks at Intelligent Retail, who are also supplying us with a magic till and stock system - woo hoo!

In the meantime, please bear with my limited knowledge of all things html!

Off to scrub the paint off me from this mornings efforts.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend all :)

Kate x
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