Friday, 9 December 2011

And more!

I can't deny it, I'm having great fun this year joining in with Tims Tags!
So much so I had a go at one of last years too :)
Today I made 2 versions of Tag 9 with different Artistic Stamper stamped backgrounds. The Regency pattern, like Tims & the Calligraphic 'cos I love this stamp so much!

Find all the associated products we have plus a few alternatives here on our site :)

If you're local & free tomorrow, come along & join me for a FREE Crop Day!


  1. Wow 3 tags! love all of them, great job :)

  2. So fun!! These are awesome!

  3. Stunning, first one my fav! :) xx

  4. Love all the versions. The rosette is especially nice!

  5. WOW!!!WOW!!! WOW!! love all these tags ,just beautiful
    Sandra x

  6. Have loved looking at all your tags as much as I've enjoyed Tim's. Sooo inspirational. Am loving all the great 'stuff' I bought last week when I visited with hubby! Annie.


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