Sunday, 6 March 2011


Ok, I am so going to create a Scrapbook page
this week. There, I've made it public knowledge,
so if you visit again in one week and
there's nothing here feel free to mock me!
It's been too long since the last.
Not to say I haven't been crafty but just nothing
for my albums and my photos are bursting to be
set free from my hard drive.

To make it even more challenging, I'm
going to use this photo taken at Kierans'
9th Birthday Party back in November.
It was taken with an iPod, omg just look
at that exposure :o Yikes!

Finally, if you fancy joining me in scrapping
a poorly exposed photo, throw a link into
the comment box & I'll send one of you a
wee something off our New Products page :)


  1. LOL, lovely photo even if it is badly exposed! I have just the one to take part, the one you took in London of us on the...ipod! Not well exposed but I love it anyway :)
    Love the new look by the way! xxx

  2. All my photos are badly exposed!!

  3. lol @ Yvonne! I know that feeling!!!

  4. I would say I'd play - being the worst photographer in the World I have an abundance to choose from but am so dosed up and sneezy at the mo am getting absolutely nada done. Blech.

    Thanks for stopping by :D

  5. Well now Pickle? Where is that Layout???
    Here's mine :) and thanks for the challenge! xxx

  6. LOL! Thought no one would notice!!!
    I DID indeed complete said page last week, but sadly left camera @ the shop. Will upload later after Parents Evening ;) Off to peek @ yours!

  7. Well I noticed LOL! and I do not accept that yours was done within the timeframe my friend! Let the mocking commence!!!


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