Monday, 20 December 2010


So, my child & I ventured in this morning to find this!

It's so pretty but not the most accessible car park in the world :(
Anyone got a snow plough???

With more snow due this afternoon/evening 
we'll not be hanging around today I'm afraid.
Apologies to all, 
I can't tell you how cheesed off I am :(


  1. Looks so pretty in the sunshine. Safe journey home.

  2. Oh dear!!! Pretty but a TOTAL pain! hope you made it home again - now you'll just have to spend the day finishing your pink & blue framed project off!

  3. mum said

    how about doing some ironing or cleaning the oven !!!!

  4. Ooooh how dare you swear at me Mum! I made cinnamon rolls instead, no need to clean the oven, we're getting a new one on Weds hopefully!

  5. I hope your oven makes it through the snow Kate, and Marjorie, I have to agree with Kate on this one ;) hehe

  6. its getting very annoying now isnt it :)

  7. Very Siobhan, outlook not good for tomorrow either. Currently snowing heavy here. Thanks for the back up Mireille!


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