Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sketch Examples and Today's Update.

Sue's Layout

Mireille's Layout

Louise's Card

Louise's Layout

"This Boy" using KaiserCraft Papers was by myself, although how I ever managed to finish I'll never know! Paper Shuffling - What me??!!

Thanks to all who came in today, we had a good laugh!

Louise studiously cracked off a fair number of cards and layouts, whilst I only managed one in between serving customers, making coffee's and chatting. I thought my paper shuffling was at a minimum today, but apparently not, so I was told - hmmmmmm!

Jane popped in just as the Prima Papers were going to loving homes. Well, we couldn't possibly not buy them eh?? - chortle!!


  1. yay! you finished it! lol
    It's missing something tho - maybe a peel off or 2!!
    Seriously it's gorgeous - I love those colours!!

  2. Well done Kate Kate for completing one whole Louise says where is the peel off..thought it was going to be as compulsory as buying the Prima paper!

  3. Gorgeous layouts girls!
    I'll have a go as soon as I can get into my 'craft' room LOL It's a little bit full as we're in the middle of moving house. Can't wait to do this one :)
    Mireille x


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