Friday, 4 May 2012

The Finished Page

So, the other day I mentioned I have started to crochet and I found instructions on how to create a cute edging for pillowcases and the like on Pinterest. 

The link took me to this lovely blog which has full instructions. Wonders never cease, I had a lightbulb moment & wondered if I could apply this to card, yes! It works, I'm delighted!!!
The result a simple page using Pink Pailsee Spring Jubilee Papers, a Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch & a few dots of Liquid Pearls with crochet trim :)

Please excuse the plain ol' boring background and header of the blog, I'm afraid the fabulous Shabby Blog folks are having a few malware probs, so I've deleted them just to be safe. Hope they get sorted soon :)


  1. Wow that looks fabulous again. I pinned a tutorial too with the hope that I might learn how to do it, I'm ever hopeful. I love the new Pink Paislee line.

    I didn't know that about Shabby blogs I may have to go and investigate.

  2. Beautiful!!!
    Wishing you a lovely bank holiday weekend,
    Sam x

  3. Gorgeous work Kate! I love crochet so.much u could say i'm hooked * groan*


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