Monday, 23 July 2012

Time to Breathe

Well almost!
The shop is just about packed up and ready to ship out.
Our house selling/buying process is in motion.
And the Sun is gonna Shine this Week!!!

Woo hoo! What to do to make the most of it, hmmmmm?!
Beach has to be on the list and hopefully the Lido in Faversham, let's see!

Brighton was the order of the day on Saturday just gone, I've had an inkling to visit for a while now so we just went ahead and did it before we changed our minds or let life get in the way again(you know how it goes!)

View from the pier (photo taken on iphone4 & meddled with in Snapseed)

No trip to Brighton is complete without a trip to the Famous Choccywoccydoodah!
A teeny shop choc full of sweet oh my good godness.
Collage by PicFrame App

and my final pic to share is another Collage (loving this new (to me) app!) featuring lunch in Nandos and a pic of the most amazing wallpaper I've ever seen (I don't do wallpaper) Paper designer Andrew Martin available from

Have a Happy Week ;)
Kate x


  1. I am so pleased you are finding some 'you' time, it is well deserved and hopefully it will refresh you. Love the collage and the 'meddled' photo, very moody. Have a great week.

  2. Sigh....the end of an era, but with the end comes a new beginning-is it really Tuesday morning? LOL
    Best of luck Kate, the shop and workshops will be sorely missed I think

  3. Glad things are working out and a little bit calmer for you, Brighton looks wonderful xx

  4. Thinks we have not heard the last of u and pickleberry miss u loads but now is u and family time
    Kris d

  5. I hope you waved to me as you sneaked past on the roundabout!

    :0) Its a good day out all that fresh air ay.


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