Friday, 3 June 2011


Just sharin'....

The Anniversary card I made for my Dear Husband!

He whisked us away on Sunday for 2 days in Belgium :)
A day & evening in Brussels, then the gorgeous Bruges on the way home, with just chance to pop into Carrefour for some Celeri Remoulade & Carottes Rapee - nom nom!

I'm wearing an actual frock in this photo, yes really!
(under the jumper lol!) That's a whole other story...

Me & my other boy :)

Yes, of course we went in!

Poor child of mine - destined for a foodie life!

For anyone else Celebrating this week, cheers to ya' !!!


  1. Love that card. I need to make one soon as we celebrate 23 years together this month. Your son looks like he is enjoying that waffle?/crepe? Nothing wrong on being a foodie, at least he will be adventurous with food. My son loves japanese sushi and will always try new foods. I can't stand fussy eaters.

  2. Ditto Alana!!! Kieran loved salami before ham and cheese, aged 4! Happy Anniversary to you both :)


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