Friday, 25 June 2010

Studios for rent!

Would you love your own studio haven?
Would you like the opportunity to teach in a
Workshop that seats approx. 20 people?

Here's the deal!
We have the opportunity to rent the unit next door.
It has 6 Studios of varying sizes & a Huge Workshop room!
The rent covers gas/elec, wifi & 2 days a month in
which you can utilise the workshop room for selling & teaching classes.

Maybe you have a buddy who would like to share?
You will also have the possibility of renting the
worshopshop room on more occasions. The theory is, the profit
you make on teaching could pay for your studio rent - cool huh?!
If you'd just like a studio & teaching isn't your bag, that's fine too!

If you're interested give us a call or pop in anytime,
we have a set of keys to show you around :)

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