Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pickleberry Opens!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday!

The Sun was shining and inbetween cupcakes and cute make and takes we met the most Wonderful Crafters.
It was lovely to meet you all, new faces and ladies we haven't seen for years, thank you all so much for coming along.

My camera is stocked up with photos, lo and behold the card reader is not playing, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow and bring my other lead from home - grrrrr!


  1. Kate!
    Pickleberry is just wonderful and a credit to you! Thank you so much for your hospitality and the best of luck!
    The shop is just beautiful and the crop and workshop areas are lovely, bright spaces.
    Looking forward to being there again soon! :)
    Mireille x

  2. Hi Kate,

    It was lovely to meet you, I cannot wait to come to your store again. I love the way you have set it out, light and bright Fantastic!

    The cupcakes were stunning (need to find out where they came from)

    Best Wishes


  3. Barbara, The cakes came from M&S Yummy! :)
    Mireille x


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